Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - 2017-2018 Tuition/Schedule

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Tuition Information:

**We are no longer accepting new registration. If you would like info for our upcoming season, please fill out the contact us form.

Class tuition is $55, due at the beginning of each month, for 1 class per week. 
We offer a great family discount or second class discount (if you dance in more than one class).  Tuition for 2 classes per week (whether sibling or simply 2 classes) is only $85 per month!  And, if you have 3 classes per month (for siblings) it is only $100 per month.
We have our tuition set for each month.  However, we take the 36+ classes in our season (including tax) and divide the total into 10 even payments.
Then, in order to make things easy, we make the tuition due at the beginning of each month.  Tuition is not based on the number of classes in each month, rather in the number of classes during our season.  You are more than welcome
to make up any missed classes (in case of illness, schedule conflict, etc...).  However, after March this becomes difficult because of the progression of recital dances.  Please check with us for make up options April- recital.

DANCE CLASSES WILL BEGIN ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th.  HOWEVER, we do some special things the week of September 6th such as shoe fittings, parent packs, meet and greets, pictures for our FaceBook page, etc.  For more detailed info on this week, please refer to our "Today's News" page!


SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018
** Please read before selecting a class time.  Please select class based on dancer's age as of 1/1/2018.  If your dancer has danced in our 3-5 year old classes for two years, you should select the next class up.  If you are not sure
which class is best for your dancer, just contact us and we will find the perfect fit!! And, of course, if you begin in one class and it isn't the fit for you~ please, let us know and we will try another one! 

You will also find a few helpful descriptions of our classes included!


Class Schedules: 


5:45-6:30-  2 1/2-4 years old *This class is for children already 2 1/2 and those that will not turn 4 until after 1/1/18. This class is perfect for little girls that are shy and perhaps this is the first activity away from Mommy.  Mommies can be included in this class for the first few sessions.
6:30-7:45-  8th-10th grade *This class has been restructured to be on the same skill level as our Tuesday nite class.  If your schedule cannot accommodate the Tuesday class, then this is the class for you! 
7:40-8:00- Pointe Class *This section is carved out in our schedule for Monday dancers who do pointe work.  You may NOT take pointe class without meeting the requirements- please, talk with me.
8:00-8:50-  Dance Team Class for The Mystics/Fortunes
8:50-9:30-  Additional Technique and Team Class **This class is open for those 12+.  This class must be taken in addition to a regular weekly dance class.  You do not have to be a dance team member to add this to your schedule. 
5:45-6:45-  5 1/2-8 year olds*This class is for little girls who have already spent 2 years in our "baby" class. And for those who will turn 6 by 1/1/18.
6:45-7:15-  Dance Team Practice for The Charms 
8:15-9:20- High School only    
9:15-9:35- Pointe Class for High School class *This class is for those who meet Pointe requirements- please see me.

5:15-6:00- 3-5 year olds
6:00-7:00- 5 1/2-8 year olds  
7:00-8:00- 9-11 year olds*This class is usually a little smaller in size due to time slot. I really want to keep this class, please consider this time and maybe refer a friend!  It's perfect if you want a smaller class! 
8:00-9:00- 5th thru 8th grade*This class is great for younger teens and girls that are newer to dance.  This class tends to be smaller also because of time slot- so the girls get a lot of time to concentrate on basics and fundamentals.  This class always works hard and learns very well. 


5:45-6:30 4-6 years olds *This class is perfect for little girls who have taken our "baby" class but are still younger but are a little more mature and are good without Mommy! 
6:30-7:00- BOYS, BOYS, BOYS! *This class will begin as a 4 week session- October 5th thru October 26th.
This class is brand new! Last year, we had quite a bit of interest from boys but no class. For right now, it is a 4 week class and open to all ages. If there is enough interest, we will continue/restructure. 

7:15-8:45 Adult Class *After the holidays, this class will extend to 9:00. 

6:00-7:00 7-10 yrs old: This class is great for the 7yr old that is more mature or ready to turn 8.
7:00-8:15 5th thru 7th grade

*This class is great for the 8 year old that is more mature or ready to turn 9 very soon! 
7:00-8:15 5th-7th grade

*Friday classes are perfect for those who struggle with homework thru the week or are often tired from other activities that practice during the week !  Fridays are a "take a deep breath, relax and TGIF!"

** I have made a few updates and changes to our schedule, if a class that you have danced in before increased slightly in age- you are still welcome in your old class. For example, a class that last year was 8-10 and is now 9-11- you are still good!
** This schedule is subject to change due to class sizing/needs.  
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