Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - Dance Team Schedule/News


"The Charms"- Members:  Kelsey Baker, Kaci Boothe, Graycen Burdette, Joely Casto, Ryleigh Click, Laila Davis, Peyton Goudy, Hannah Dickens, Addyson Horan, MacKynzie Layne, Kayleigh Lynch, Cassie Morris, Victoria Scarberry, Lilly Stephens, Dulce Vance, Madison Vermillion, Lillian Wright

"The Fortunes" and "The Mystics"-  Mem;bers: Rachel Arnott, Jordan Cooper, Kelsie Dye, Kylie Gillenwater, Erin Judd, Hannah Mangus, Kailee Nutter, Whitney Smith, Jamie Thompson, Genoah Tomblin.


COMPETITION SEASON IS COMING FAST!  The girls are doing very well in their Tuesday nite Dance Team class, however, it is only 1/2 an hour long so we can't accomplish huge amounts.  We need to begin Saturday practices.  Below is a schedule:

NO PRACTICE THIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 20th (Only for older team!)

Saturday, January 27th-  1:00-3:00
Saturday, February 3rd- 10:30-12:30

**This is to begin with, more are to follow.**

NURSING HOME VISIT:  If possible, we would like to do a nursing home visit on Saturday, January 27th.  Please remember that we have limited space at Nursing Homes- you do not have to do each one and we will be doing more.  When we are scheduled, I will let you know place and time.


Please remember that competition is optional, but if you choose to do the comps- it is an obligation.  Especially with the dance that we are planning this year.  The theme to our dance is an "Alice in Wonderland" inspired dance.  Because of the theme, we are having certain "stand-out" characters such as Alice, MadHatter, etc.  This means that the girls that play these parts must be at the competitions.

I explained to the girls that we will be holding auditions for these parts.  I will not be 
judging, I will find 2 impartial judges.  I will go over, with the girls, what will be asked of them at the audition; dance skills, nerves, personality, etc...  I also informed the girls
that the way they handle practices will play a part; attendance, attention, etc.
This audition is only for those who want to try for special parts- I, myself, am not an auditioner!  I always preferred to be in the ensemble cast.  I have also talked to the girls about how important each and every dancer/part is and that if they do not think they can handle not receiving a special part and still give 100% to the ensemble cast then they are not ready to try.  Please do me a favor and discuss this with your girlie if she wants to try.

AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12th AT 7:30pm.  It will last no 
longer than an hour.  



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