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*Breaking News...I cannot get anything accomplished today!  But, then again, that was yesterday's news and probably tomorrow's also! Insert *sigh*

1.  REGISTRATIONis now open for our new season!  Just navigate
    thru our website using the menu at your left.  Check out our
    schedule, when you find a class for you, fill out the online
    registration.  You will receive a confirmation email from us
    within 48 hours.  Any questions, just use the "contact us" to
    the left and email, call or FB us! 

2.  OPEN HOUSE-  We have 2 planned.  The first one is Saturday,
     August 19th.  We are doing our Open House a little differently
     this year.  How about a Polynesian Party?  If you love Moana,
     you might want to check this out!  We will be having short
     10-15 minute sessions; we will hula (I love hula and my older
     girlies do quite a bit of the basics in their classes.).  We
     will also have little token gifts and learn a hula hand expression
     or two!  Open House is a chance to interact with us, pick up
     information, take a look around and ask questions!  Below are
     the times for our Hula Sessions:  Hula skirts welcome!

     Saturday, August 19th:  Open House 11:00-2:30
     Polynesian Times, every 1/2 hour.  Example: 11:30, 12:00,
     12:30, etc.  Last one will be at 2:00.  All ages welcome!

     Monday, August 21st:  Open House 7:00-8:00pm.  This
     Open House will offer the chance to see our Dance Teams
     working and learning.  There will only be one Polynesian
     session at 7:30.  It will be just like the above with
     a hula dance and token gifts!  Again, hula skirts are

3.  SHOES AND DANCEWEAR NEEDS-  Please read carefully and
    refer to this page on your left.  Please allow us to give you a
    list of ideas for dancewear and the best places to buy!  SHOES
    are important!  We do sizing and ordering from a dance
    supply company; very good quality, less expensive and delivered
    by us during your class time!  The very best thing?  No ties. 
    Little girl ballet slippers cannot have ties this year, PLEASE!
    You can find more information about this on our "Shoes-Dance
    Wear" page to your left!

    During the month of September we come to class in t's
    and shorts and dance in our tennis shoes or sox.  This gives
    parents a little extra time to recover from just buying
    school supplies, sports equipment, daycare/preschool tuitions, 
    etc.  This also allows us to order your shoes.  The first
    week of October we have an "Official Welcome to Dance
    Class" celebration.  We wear all of our new fancy stuff, take
    pictures and have cupcakes!

4.  BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!  We are starting a Boy's class this year!
     We had quite a bit of interest in a boy's class last year
     but no class. So, let's see what this girl can do! This
     class is listed on our schedule and explains that it will begin
     as a 4 week session for all ages.  If the interest continues,
     we will continue and restructure.  Please refer to the
         schedule for dates and times!  Please spread the word!! Closer
     to the beginning of the class session, we will have an Open
     House for our Boys!

5.  WHAT'S PLANNED FOR SEPTEMBER!  The week before
     classes actually begin, we will be sizing for shoes, passing
     out parent packets, taking care of registrations (no fee),
     having meet and greets, answering any questions, and taking
     pictures for our FB page!  Class tuition for September should
     be paid at this time.  If you choose to do auto pay, we will
     have you fill out info at this time.  In the past, we have
     tried to take care of this by using your own class time.  The
     last year or so, this didn't accommodate everyone.  So, this
     year, there is a broader schedule that may work better.  
     Please take a look below- remember, this is only to take care
     of shoes, dancewear list, payments, etc.  Simply, come to ONE
     of the times that you fall into.  It does not have to be your
     class day.  Siblings do not have to come twice, we can take
     care of you during whichever day you drop in.  To avoid a
     crowd, you may choose to come a little later in the time spread.
     Tuesday, September 5th:
     6:00-7:00-  Ages 2 1/2 thru 8 years old
     7:15-8:30-  All other ages

     Wednesday, September 6th:
     5:30-7:00-  Ages 6 thru 11 years old
     7:15-8:00-  Ages 11 and up
     Thursday, September 7th:
     6:00-7:00-  Ages 2 1/2 thru 8 years old
     7:15-8:30-  All other ages

**The week of September 11th begins our New Season!  During this
week you will come to your assigned class.  Come dressed in shorts and t's only, just sox or tennis shoes.  We will begin to stretch
and dance and laugh and get to know each other!  All paper work will
have been completed the week before so it will be just dance and fun!





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