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Interested in becoming part of our team?
We have started a younger dance team this year for ages third grade thru sixth.  There are requirements to be on our teams, please contact me for more information.  This team will be known as "The Charms."  Our team, "The Fortunes" is made up of seventh grade and older.  Our team, "The Mystics" is a small team made up of older high school girls.  Most of the time, The Fortunes and The Mystics work together.

Competition is a very exciting event, it allows the girls to perform  in costumes and makeup and show off; as well as watching many amazing studios and performers.   However, we are not just a comp team.  MY GOAL for our dance teams is to teach the girls responsibility, team work, how to support each other, and that we give back when we can to those who are not as lucky as we are.  Trophies are nice and shiny but they do not compare to the smiles on elderly faces and ill children.  I am very proud of our girls and I want them to be proud of themselves, but proud for all the right reasons.  I will never change my mind on this- I want to make a difference.    



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