Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - Dance Team Schedule/News


"The Charms"- Members:  Kelsey Baker, Kaci Boothe,  Elaina Caldwell, Joely Casto, Ryleigh Click, Laila Davis, Peyton Goudy, Hannah Dickens, Olivia Gray, Olivia Hayhust, Addyson Horan, Kayleigh Lynch, Cassie Morris, Victoria Scarberry, Lilly Stephens, Madison Vermillion

"The Fortunes" and "The Mystics"-  Mem;bers: Rachel Arnott, Sara-Jo Bender, Jordan Cooper, Kelsie Dye, Kylie Gillenwater, Erin Judd, Kailee Nutter, Jayden Piscapo, Whitney Smith, Jamie Thompson, Genoah Tomblin.


September 29th, Poca Heritage Day Parade 

Saturday, October 13th- Dance Clinic at Studio.  This is important to attend.  Cost $30.  Shaylyn Hampton will be coming to our studio to conduct a dance clinic for turns, leaps, combinations, etc.  Shaylyn danced at our studio for many years, minored in dance at UK, twirled for UK, traveled to China to perform as part of a dance troupe representing US thru UK.  Shaylyn is young and very talented, she can teach the girls quite a bit.  We did this last year with some of the older team and they loved it.  Time will be morning- tentatively set for 10:00-12:30 for The Charms and 11:30-2:15 for The Fortunes. 

I want to schedule a nursing home or Childrens’ Hospital visit at the end of October- I will give details as I know them.  I am looking for something the last Saturday in October and in the morning.  

November 10th- Saturday  Dance Team practice at the studio.  This will be a long practice to lean a Christmas parade routine and to work on competition dance.  We will use the same time schedule as above for the dance clinic. 

December 1st- Saint Albans Christmas Parade-  Details will follow.  This has been a noontime parade in the past. 

December 8th- Nitro Christmas Parade- Details will follow.  This has been an early evening parade in the past.   

December 17th- Monday- I want to plan a nursing home visit.  This will take the place of our normal Dance Team practice.  Details will follow. 

December 18th Tuesday- I want to plan a nursing home visit.  This will take the place of our normal Dance Team and Tuesday classes.  Tuesday dancers may come on Wednesday 7:15 or Friday 6:30 class as a make up.  Details will follow.  **Please remember that you do not have to do each nursing home visit or parade.  I understand that you have busy schedules and with the nursing home visits, they cannot accommodate all of us.  I’ll have sign up sheets.  I do expect you to do 2 “give back to others” activities thru the year.  

Beginning in January, we will have 2nd Saturday practices each month thru competition season.  Times- 10:30-12:30- The Charms  12:30-2:45 The Fortunes.   

February 23d-24th- KAR Competition (scheduled for Cabell Midland) 

March 23rd-24th- Dance Machine Competition (scheduled for Municipal Audt’m.). 

 **We would like to find a local competition also (one put on by a high school).  May 18th- Armed Forces Day Parade in South Charleston.  



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