Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - December Newsletter
Hello Everyone:

I am not sure how this has happened but it is December already.  It seems that ever since chaos has taken over our lives, I seem to think only in Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. I don’t seem to think about months.  Let me take a minute to fill you in on what is happening in December.  I am going to list things in order of deadlines/events.

1.      We are ordering studio wear for those interested.  We try not to sell very often but always do so at Christmas time.  These make wonderful gifts.  Our items are all embroidered and the design and colors last forever.  Some of my stuff is over 20 years old!  The deadline is quickly approaching for us to receive the items by Christmas break.  All items offered are on order folder in waiting room and on the website.  You may order and pay directly from the website. Deadline is Wednesday, December 9.  We use a local small business, Dynamic Graphics in So. Chas., and they could really use our patronage.

2.    Costume Information-  PLEASE pay your deposits thru December.  I have tried to speak with each class but because of everything going on I do not see each parent or I get busy and forget to come out.  I am going to do everything that I possibly can to be organized/efficient with costumes.  I haven’t seen a lot of repeat costumes this year- I am sure that the companies have had to do this to ensure income.  I am working on ideas to save money- I am going to post more info on website under “Costume” page.  Please make your $90/$120 deposits before Christmas Break.  If you would like to extend until the end of December, please just come see us and we will mark your account.  I am going to do my very best to work within a smaller budget than usual- you have my promise.

3.    Now, continuing in this line of conversation- I cannot operate without your prompt payments.  I know this is personal but I need to be upfront with you- my student volume lost 30% from last year at this time.  My income is $2500 less per month.  I am not making my bills at this point.  This type of business is usually short because of delayed payment but we normally are able to move things around.  Right now there is no money to do so.  Please do not worry or think that I am saying this for sympathy- I am better off than so many small businesses.  I’m not giving up- I love these girlies too much and what would that say about me if I quit on them?  If God is on my side, how can I possibly fail?  He will take care of us.  As of right now, I have $1800+ out in tuition and shoe money.  Please open your emails, statements, etc. To make sure your account is paid.  Please.

4.    Christmas Performance and Break- I have tried to inform each
 class of our intention is to give each class a little Christmas celebration.  I just feel that there isn’t enough joy right now.  Anything that I can do to make the dancers feel special, I want to do.  If you were with us at the end of last season, this will be very similar.  Each girlie is able to invite a few guests (no more than 4), we decorate, have refreshments, maybe a little game and a performance (you may also be invited to perform for another younger class).  You will find a schedule on the door and safety requirements.  You will also have a list of what the dancer is to wear (mostly pjs).  Our break will be Monday, December 21 thru Friday, January 2.  Classes resume on Monday, Jan. 4.

I guess that may be it for now.  I just want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.  How humbled I am that you trust me with your children- I never take that for granted.  You are always in my prayers.

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