Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - End of Year Schedule '19


**Below is the schedule for the rest of year.  This includes extra practices, schedule changes, rehearsal times, etc.  These classes are important for our performance to run smoothly!

Saturday, May 11th-    9:30-11:30-  Dance Team practice for "Everybody."
                                                 11:30-1:30- Practice for Tuesday 7:15
                                                        Wed. 7:15 and Friday 6:30

Week of May 13th-17th is Costume Week.  All balances MUST BE PAID IN FULL (Tuition thru May, Tights, Accessories, Recital Fee, Studio Wear, etc.).  Costumes will not go home unless accounts are up to date.  No checks for past dues- online payment or cash only.  Please understand the reason for this rule.  *Classes come at regular time

Friday, May 17th 5;30-6:15 Monday 5:45 class (This is a makeup for Memorial Day)

Saturday, May 18th-    10:00-12:30-  Monday/Tuesday Teens
                                        Adults are welcome to come! 

Week of May 20th we will be running additional classes.  These are not mandatory for the baby classes but all others need to attend.  Schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 20th-      5:45-6:30- Intermediate Baby Class
                                    Thursday 5:45/6:20 class is invited.
                                     6:30-8:00- Regular Teen Class

Tuesday, May 21st        5:30-6:30-  Young Girl Class
                                     Wednesday 6:15 will come practice

                                     6:30-8:15-  No Dance Team Practice
                                     Extended Class Time

                                     8:15-9:30- Teen Class and Adults
Wednesday, May 22nd    5:30-6:15-  Regular Baby Class

                                       6:15-7:15-   Young Girl Class
                                       Tuesday 5:30 will come practice

                                        7:15-9:00-  Young Teen Class
                                        Friday will attend

Thursday, May23rd       5:45-7:20 Thurs 5:45/6:20 classes.
                                        Monday 5:45 is invited to attend
                                        from 5:45-6:30

                                                    7:30-9:15- Adults/Teens, Monday

Friday, May 24th            6:30-8:30- Young Teen Class
                                       Wednesday 7:15 please attend                                   
Monday, May 27th       CLOSED for Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28th thru Friday May 31st come to regular class times.
Friday, May 31st          5:30-6:15 Wednesday 5:30 babies 
                                     (extra class)

Saturday, June 1st      Works Hard for the Money
       10:30-?                             Adult Tap
                                    Senior Dance/Adult Ballet
                                    Diamonds and Pearls

Monday, June 3rd        5:30-7:00 Mon 5:45, Wed 5;30, Thurs
                                    5:45, Thurs. 6:20 classes

                                    7:00-8:00 Dance teams

                                    8:00-9:00  Seniors/Hymn dance

Tuesday, June 4th       5:30-7:15 Tues 5:30/Wed 6:15 classes
                                    7:30-9:30 Ballet Mon &Tues teens/adults

Wed., June 5th           5:45-9:00Tues 7:15 Wed & Fri young teen

Thursday, June 6th     5;45-9:30  Mon & Tues teens/Adults

Friday, June 7th          STUDIO CLOSED

Saturday, June 8th      Rehearsal/Recital      

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