Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - May Newsletter

Hello Everyone: 
I just want to tell you how much your support means to us, However, there are no words to tell you what your messages, kind words and little cards and pictures have meant. I pray everyday for strength and wisdom-your sweet messages always come at just the right time. Please remember that I am always here for you. Anything you need, anything you might want to discuss-I'm right here. It will take a long while for some people to bounce back-please try to visit small businesses, support your hair salons, treat yourself to a manicure at a local salon, choose a small family restaurant over a chain, etc and always pray for each other. I promise to give our girlies the best year possible! I want to see their smiles and hear their laughter! 
(1) RECITAL DATE: Make sure to mark your calendar for our new recital date. Recital is Saturday, June 18th @ 6:00p.m. at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium. Rehearsal will still be in the am. 
(2) COSTUME WEEK: Due to everything going on, a few costumes are still on their way. Costume week will now be the week of June 15th. We take the last 15 minutes of class and pass out costumes (we hang and bag all costumes for you) and your accessory bag (recital packet, tights, hair accessories, etc.). 
(3) CLASSES EXTENDED: Classes will now run thru Thursday, July 16th. We will also start having some extra Saturday practices. Everyone will get their 36 lessons by recital. There is charge for July classes. 
(4) REST OF THE YEAR FEES: *Tuition remains the same thru June.  
*Every dancer has a recital fee of $40 ($20 for each additional sibling). The recital fee due date has been moved to July 1st. 
*Tights-we will put the folder out the last week of May. This will list what color(s) of tights/hair accessories each class needs. The list and order form will also be on the website. I will do my best to keep these fees to a minimum. 
(5) CLASS SCHEDULE: By June 1st, we hope to be on our normal schedule. Thank you for being flexible and supportive of May's schedule. 
I am very aware people have been off work and it will take a while to get back on our feet. If there are any problems, please let us know and we will always work with you. Please try to help us by paying as much of your tuition as you can and past due fees. 
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