Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - Recital 2020 Info.

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Recital Information:
When:  Saturday, June 13th, 2020
Where:  Charleston Municipal Auditorium
Time:  6:30p.m.
As recital grows closer, more information will be given.  For now, just know that you need to set aside the whole day.  Stage rehearsal is in the morning and performance is in the evening.  Rehearsal is not an all day affair, but this day is a busy one, so clearing your calendar for this day is a good idea.  Rehearsal is mandatory.  This is not a dress rehearsal. 
Our Theme:
Each year we select a special theme for our annual recital.  Everything revolves around the theme; costume styles, music selections, dance styles, stage decorations, etc.... We try to be very creative and make our theme as interesting as we can!  You can find a list of previous recitals at the bottom of this page!  Last year's theme was "Of Course, I Can...I'm A Girl" ~ the dances/songs revolved around occupations.  We danced and learned about jobs that were once considered "too hard" for women, jobs that were considered "women's work" and women who were the first or best at their jobs.  We even did a section on "jobs" that were a little off the beaten path, we were cat burglars and international spies!
I try to do a Girl Power recital every other year but I think this year we may stick with it- it is so fun for our girlies and they learn about being strong and doing the impossible!  This year's recital will be, "I'm A Girl...And I Love It!"  I think we will go a little lighter this year and revolve our recital around pampering ourselves!  We make our end of the year celebration as big and
exciting as possible.  This nite belongs to each and every dancer and I want them to feel so very special.  I am so blessed that our recitals are full of laughter and smiles!

Costume Information:
Costume information will be given out in late November. The first payment is due November 30th, second payment due by December 30th, the third payment by January 10th and the final payemnt is due February 15th. Please estimate $80-90 per costume.  Little girl classes require 2 costumes and the older girls usually have 3 (8 and over, however we stay under the above estimate!).  This estimate is a bit high, but remember to plan accordingly. You can begin making costume payments at any time. If you include a costume payment with monthly tuition, please make a note with your payment.  **Late fees will be applied after the February due date.  Costume deposits will be $40 with each installment for younger classes- your February payment will be whatever your balance is after the 3 prior installments.  Costume deposits will be $50 with each installment for the teenage classes. Again, your February payment will be your balance after the 3 installments.  Late fees will be charged after March 1st on any outstanding costume balance.  Once ordered, costumes are non-refundable by company.   Costumes and costume deposits are non-refundable.  I feel the need to explain that this has become a necessary rule for deposits also due to many problems in the past.   
Recital Fee:
Our recital fee is $40 per dancer.  We have a family discount for multiple dancer families.  Recital fees can be paid at anytime thru the dance season, however, they must be paid by May 15th. Tickets are sold ($15 Adult/$7 Child); dancers receive a free Dancer's Pass.  Multiple dancer families receive 2 half price tickets.

POLICIES: If you withdrawal from classes before the recital, as stated above, costumes and deposits are non-refundable.  Your costumes will be mailed to you AFTER the recital.  If you withdrawal after you have paid your recital fee, it is non-refundable.  Please understand that past experiences have made this rule necessary.
Our Past Recitals:
Color My World-  1993
Ain't Love Grand-  1994                   
We're Having A Party- 1995
Celebrate the Earth-  1996
Rock and Roll Faerie Tales-  1997
Take Me to The Mardi Gras-  1998
Dancing Around The World-  1999
Dancing Thru the Decades-  2000
Celebrate the Seasons-  2001
Gypsys, Genies and Magic- 2002
Adventure...If You Dare!-  2003
An American Celebration-  2004
Just Do Your Thing- 2005
A Street Fair to Remember-  2006
Road Trip! -  2007
Who Said That?-  2008
The Roaring 20's-  2009
Faeries Gone Wild!-  2010
Hooray for Hollywood - 2011
Oh, How  the Years Go By-  2012                                 
Sweet Escape-  2013
Small Town, USA- 2014
It's A Girl Thing!-  2015
Long Live Rock-2016
The Girls Are Back In Town-2017
Under The Covers- 2018
Of Course, I Can...I'm A Girl!- 2019

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