Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - Shoes- Dancewear
Shoe Requirements:
Every dancer needs a pair of ballet shoes and a pair of tap shoes.  We can order shoes for you.  For all little girl classes, I prefer that you order your ballet shoes from us- we order a "no tie" style that is wonderful!  You would not believe how this helps class run smoother- it keeps me from stopping in the middle of class to tie shoes over and over and over!  PLEASE no ties and no satin house-shoe style slippers.  We will size, make suggestions, order and deliver to you during class time- Convenience!!
Jazz shoes are not required. 
We do our ordering thru a dance warehouse.  For 2 pair of shoes (1 pr. of ballet and 1 pr. of tap shoes) the cost would approximatelybe $30-$45.  Price varies according to size and style of shoes.  Little girls can choose between Mary Jane style taps and slip on boot styles.  Older girls prefer boot style and split sole ballet shoes.
We Do Not allow satin style costume ballet or house slipper styles.
Beginning October 1st, every dancer must have their shoes each week for class.  Please understand that it takes time away from class for me to search for extra shoes to borrow.
Dance Wear Requirements:
For Dancers in the 3-5 and 5-7 year old classes:
For our young dancers, any style and any color dance wear is fine for class.  Tights are a great choice but not required.  For dancers choosing to go barelegged, please wear a dance skirts, dance shorts, leggings or capri-length yoga pants to cover pantyline.  This will prevent lots of tugging in class.  If barelegged, sox must be worn with dance shoes.  If your dancer likes tights, we find that the footless style is very popular with the little ones.  Sox do not need to be worn with tights.
Hair should be nice and tidy and pulled back from face.  Barettes, headbands, etc... buns, ponys or braids are not necessary.
For Dancers in classes 8-10 thru High School:
Every year, I beg, bribe, threaten and plead for my girls to look like dancers and still we look like we are going to a pj party or soccer practice.  This clothing rule is going to be upheld this year NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Acceptable Colors:

Black and Navy 
Black and Dark Gray
Black and Black
Black and White
That's all I want to see in our classes!  No Exceptions!!!
Acceptable Clothing:
Leotards, tights, dance shorts, dance skirts, capri length yoga pants, tight leggings.  NO long loose pants!  Tighter fitting tank tops, loose flowing tanks or tops overtop, tshirts that fit and are not too colorful (basically white, gray or black- not a rainbow of print).  Tshirts should also not be oversized unless knotted at waist.  If barelegged, must have legwarmers on!  Hair should be neat and tidy and pulled back from face!
Please girls, no exceptions!  I just want to be able to look at your class and see beautiful smiles and neatly dressed dancers.  Not feel like I am Miss Hannigan with a room full of Orphans!
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