Kelly's Dance Studio of Cross Lanes - Tight Info
We have listed what each class will need for recital: tights, shoes, etc. . Everything must be ordered and paid for by Friday, April 19th. There is an order form on the front desk or you may fill out the order form at the bottom of this page.:

*All ballet/jazz dances are done barefoot or if older, with dance sandals. If your class requires dance sandals, sizing is listed below. If foot is wide, I would recommend going up to next size! If you already have footnote sandals or dance paws, you do not need to order another pair! If you have your tights from last year and they are in new condition, you may reuse! 


Prices: Lt suntan, white & ballet pink (nude) tights $12
           Footnote sandals (Dance Paws) $15 (XS 10-11.5, S 12-3.5, M 4-8, L 8.5-12)
           Hair Accessories NO CHARGE
           Sequin Tap Covers $10
Monday 5:30 Light Suntan tights, dance paws-optional. Helpful with turns, but not necessary. Will go barefoot otherwise.

Monday 6:30:  Light Suntan tights, Ballet Pink (Nude) Tights, Footnote sandals 

Tuesday 5:45 Lt Suntan tights, White tights

Tuesday teens/adults:  Lt Suntan tights, Ballet pink (nude) tights,  Footnote sandals

Wednesday 5:30: Lt Suntan tights, White tights

Wednesday 6:15: Lt Suntan tights, Ballet Pink (Nude) tights, Dance paws (optional) Helpful with turns but at this age, not necessary. Will go barefoot otherwise.

Wednesday 7:15/Friday 6:30: Lt Suntan tights, Ballet Pink (Nude) tights,  Footnote sandal

Thursday 5:45: Lt suntan tights

Thursday 6:45: Lt suntan tights, white tights

Thursday adults: See Tuesday Teens 

Friday 6:30 See Wednesday 7:15

Tight/Accessory order form
Student Name:
Email address:
Please check what accessories that you need!
Light Suntan tights $12
White Tights $12
Ballet Pink (Nude) tights $12
Sequin Tap covers $10
Footnote Dance Sandals $15 Size XS
Footnote Dance Sandals $15 Size S
Footnote Dance Sadals $15 Size M
Footnote Dance Sandals $15 Size L


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