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End of The Year Schedule

Below is a schedule for everything from now until the end of the year. Please look for your class time and follow the schedule.

The Last Week leading to Recital, we run a different schedule. This helps prepare us for our big nite!

 This schedule may be subject to change:

Monday, June 5th (6:00-7:30) Wednesday 5:30, Wednesday 6:15 andThursday 5:45 will attend together.

Monday, June 5th (7:45-9:45) Opening Number Rehearsal (Teens/Adults)

Tuesday, June 6th (6:00-7:30) Tuesday 5:45, Tuesday 6:45 will attend Class together.

Tuesday, June 6th (7:45-9:30) Tuesday Teens and Adults- Ballet Dances

Wednesday, June 7th (6:00-7:30) Monday 5:30 and Thursday 6:30 will Attend class together.

Wednesday, June 7th (7:45-9:30) Monday 6:45 and Wednesday 7:15 will Attend class together.

Thursday, June 8th (6:00-7:30) Monday 6:45/Wednesday 7:15 will attend Together again.

Thursday, June 8th (7:00-9:30) Tuesday Teens and Thursday Adults

THESE PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY! They help so much and allow our rehearsal the morning of recital to run smooth and get you out on time! If you have a conflict, please see us. We will always work with you!

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