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Special Services


We do offer a few services that we do not advertise. Below you will find a description:

1. Choreography for Weddings. This includes first dances for the Bride and Groom, Bridesmaid Dances, etc. The cost begins at $75 for consultation and first hour of lesson. The next 2 lessons (45 minutes) are $35 per. Any lesson after the "package price" is $25 (30 minutes). I will also include written notes for choreography and we welcome you to video.

2. Dance Team performances. Our Dance Team has participated in "audience participation" style dances for fundraising activities (High-Heels for Autism, Health Fairs, etc.). This has usually consisted of a short dance performance and then a fun dance to get the audience involved. We consider these "Community Service" and the girls enjoy giving their time.  

3. Our Dance Team also visits Nursing Homes and Women and Childrens Hospital. If you know of a facility that would enjoy a visit, let us know!

4. Want to propose in a fun way?   We have planned and performed at surprise engagements. We arranged them as a flash mob style activity and surprised the bride (whom we invited to join the fun as an unsuspecting audience member!). There is a fee involved for this service.

5. We can do pretty much anything, have something special in mind? Let us see if we can help!

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