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Recital 2022 Packet


This is your recital packet-PLEASE DO NOT LOSE! I have tried to include everything that you could possibly need to know in an easy to read way.

So, first things first-lets lead up to the big day!

(1) All accounts must be paid in full or we cannot allow participation in the recital.

(3) All audience members need a ticket into the show, NO ACCEPTIONS. Dancers do not need a ticket, however, they do need their dancer pass! This is free and will be in your accessory bag. Adult tickets $18 Child tickets $8 (ages 3-12).Tickets sold now thru rehearsal morning. Tickets also sold at door recital evening. Cash or credit or debit cards only. **if you lose your discounted ticket, you must purchase another at full price.

(4) Your schedule for rehearsal and recital is in this packet. Practices are mandatory, if you have a problem, please come see us!


(1) Make sure all costumes, shoes, etc are labeled with dancer name. This helps avoid any confusion or switches in dressing room and helps us if things are left behind after recital.

(2) Make sure all costumes are wrinkle free and straps are secure, etc.

(3) Pack a laundry basket with lots of stuff you may need. A towel to stand on to avoid dirty tights, baby powder to help get tights on, extra bobby pins, safety pins, scissors, baby wipes, toilet tissue, etc. You may want to avoid tote bags, hard to see in if you are in a hurry. Zip lock freezer bags are great to tote a lot of these items in, including make up.

Make up is not required but it makes a world of difference in strong stage lites! We suggest mascara, neutral shades of eyeshadow and a shine on the lips!

(4) Don’t forget to make sure all accounts are paid-we do not take tuition or past due money the day of rehearsal (it is just too hectic). If you have any concerns or problems, please come to us BEFORE the last week of class.


(1) PLEASE remember that we run a different schedule the last week of class. This info was listed in your parent packet, has been posted for a couple of months- at the studio, on the website and on your parent portal. Please make sure that you know your schedule. Backstage moms need to be present for their last class. It is a great practice time and it goes a long way to alleviate nerves! And the dancers have a lot of fun! Unless you are a backstage mom, we close the waiting room the week of June 5th. Simply, bring your dancer in, take them to the restroom, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING WITH THEM- no dance bags, shoes, etc. Bring them in ballet shoes or tennis shoes. Give them a kiss and bring them into the dance room. They are then stuck with me and the backstage mommies! Depending on how much time you have- run an errand, take a walk, chat in the parking lot blast your AC and spend some alone time in your car! We run thru our dances, talk about what fun we will have and get our recital gifts! Dismissal times will be on the door and you must come up to collect your dancer. They may not leave until we see everyone with a parent! The schedule is posted on our website at

(2) PLEASE INVITE FRIENDS AND FAMILY! A large audience is a blessing for many reasons! The dancers love having their own ”cheering section”- the Auditorium feels happy with an audience full of loved ones! And, honestly, it helps me to pay for expenses. I am trying hard to keep this recital as close to “normal” as possible. I don't want to skimp on what makes the recital nite so special for the dancers- they deserve everything I have to give and more. The municipal has also increased their price by a few thousand dollars this year-the bigger audience helps us.

INVITATIONS are on the table in waiting room- please, help yourselves! Social media is a huge help- please share our recital info on your FB, Instagram, etc. It has made such a difference in the past few years!


Before recital, we rehearse on stage (Charleston Municipal Auditorium).


(2) Give yourself plenty of time to reach Charleston. You can park at the Town Center Mall or in the Municipal parking lot. If you park at the Municipal auditorium, please bring plenty of change for the meters and be prepared to check the meters. They are very quick to give tickets!

(3) We rehearse our show out of order, that way you have a short rehearsal time and can go home and relax. Your rehearsal time will be announced.

(4) When you arrive at the Auditorium, use back door (at parking lot). Visit restroom and then immediately go out stage side doors and have a seat. DO NOT us stage stairs- they are a little steep and slippery! We begin our rehearsal on time. We will go over a few things first-things that you need to know for that evening: dressing rooms, mommy section, etc. Make sure that you find your dressing room before you leave rehearsal so you are familiar with it! After your last dance at rehearsal, you are ready to go. PLEASE BE ON TIME TO HEAR ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION

(5) DRESSING ROOMS: Your dressing room is as listed below. Please make sure you find your dressing room rehearsal morning so you will know where to go recital evening. The basement is large and open- there are tables, chairs and a restroom for convenience. There are dressing rooms in the upstairs area, also.

Monday 5:30 Dressing room #1. Monday 6:45 Dressing room #2

Tuesday 5:45 Basement Tuesday 6:45 #3

Tuesday teens Backstage Wednesday 5:30 Basement

Wednesday 6:15 Basement Wednesday teens Backstage

Thursday 5:45 Basement Thursday 6:30 #4

Thursday adults Backstage upstairs


(1) Your time to be at the Auditorium will be posted. Make sure to have your ticket AND your dancer pass ready at the door. Dancers and 1 Adult are admitted thru the side door (closest to mall). Everyone else come thru main doors. While you get situated- have your family grab a program and find a spot for your family in the Auditorium.

(2) Please arrive in costume (whatever your first dance is). Place belongings in dressing room, take pictures, etc. Please take your child to the restroom. Please bring your dancer to the backstage area and look for the backstage mom for your class. Once your dancer is seated, you may find your seat out front and relax! The backstage moms will watch over classes. Just be backstage to collect your dancer after their number. **Once you have collected your dancer, you may either put something (shirt or robe) over costume or go ahead and change into next costume with a shirt or robe over and go out to audience to watch dances.

***We line up dances 5 numbers at a time. Order of dances will be posted on our website and on the front door of studio next week. We do not require that dancers stay backstage the whole recital. This way dancers can put something over costume and watch some of the show! You must have your dancer backstage 5 numbers prior to their dance. Please look for your dances and make note of when you need to come backstage. Every year we have backstage moms looking for some of their dancers for their class! It is your responsibility to have your child backstage in time! We do not hold dances!


(3) When you arrive at auditorium by 5:15pm, enter thru side glass door closest to mall. NO ONE IS ALLOWED THRU BACK DOOR!! The entrance will be marked DANCER ENTRANCE. Dancer and one parent are allowed thru this entrance. Dancer must show dancer pass and parent must have ticket. All other audience are allowed thru main front doors when they open. Have your tickets ready for usher. Municipal lobby will open at 5:30 to general public.



(1) NO costumes in audience. We want our audience to enjoy the show on stage, not cute little ones roaming the audience! Just put a large shirt over costumes. No headpieces or tap shoes in audience.

(2) NO food or drinks in auditorium! Their rules! If you have something in dressing room, please only water or an easy snack, Remember costumes-nothing messy like chocolate or soda! Please throw away all bags, wrappers, etc. This helps us-we have to clean all dressing rooms after the recital.

(3) NO Flash photography in audience-please pass this on. It startles dancers on stage. You may take pictures, just no flash! NO video cameras please.

(4) No seat saving! A few seats are great, but no rows! Let me explain…… Also, use safe distancing measures.

(5) Please be kind and courteous-everyone gets a little nervous!


(1) Curtain Call-We would like to have as many stay to the end of our show. We like for the girls with dances at the end of the show have a large audience. We also like for your dancer to participate in a great big curtain call-they can come back on stage for a final bow. I'm not sure how to do our curtain call this year but I think it is EXTRA important this year. It's been such a hard year to complete- The dancers need to have one last round of applause.

(2) Mommy Section-We mark off a small section of audience for mommies to sit in during their dances, makes it easy to collect children from stage. DON’T FORGET TO INVITE LOTS OF PEOPLE! We have invitations ready to pass out! Fill the auditorium for these wonderful dancers!

Just a little note of thanks. I have no idea where to even begin. Every year, we just change the dates in this packet, update a bit of information, throw some stuff out and add a few others. This year, I read thru and nothing was the same. I had no way to even update certain sections and the parts about wonderful crowds, combined classes, busy crowded rehearsals, etc. had to be removed. Even now, I don't know how this will turn out but I promise if there is a way, I will find it for you. I just want you to have the most wonderful nite ever! Laugh and sing and be proud and dance if the Spirit moves you! We all deserve it. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for everything.

Love from the bottom of my heart!



9:00 -10:30. Tues. 5:45, Wed 5:30, Wed 6:15 & Thurs 5:45

10:30-12:00 Mon 5:30, Tues 6:45, Thurs 6:30

10:30-1:45 Mon 6:45, Tues teens, Wed 7:15, Thurs adults

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