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Recital Dance Order

Rehearsal Times:

9:00-10:30 Tues 5:45, Wed 5:30, Wed 6:15, Thurs 5:45

10:45-12:00 Mon 5:30, Tuesday 6:45, Thurs 6:30

10:30-1:45 Mon 6:45, Tues teens, Wed 7:15 teens, Thurs adults

Recital starts at 6:30. Dancers need to be back to the Municipal between 5-5:15.



 Opening # (Monday 6:45 , Tuesteens, Wed 7:15And Thurs. Adults)

The Heat is On-Mon 6:45 Jazz

New Attitude-Monday 5:30 Tap

Shakedown-Wed 7:15 Tap

Great Balls of Fire-Wed 5:30 Jazz

Twist and Shout=Thurs 5:45 Jazz

Back to the Future-Mon 5:30/Thurs 6:30 Jazz

Exotic-Dance Team

Arthur’s Theme-Tuesday 5:45 Ballet

Do You Love Me-Tuesday 6:45 Tap

LaBamba-Wednesday 6:15 Tap

Movie Mix

Working Girl-Wed 7:15 Ballet

Glory of Love-Tues teen ballet

Against All Odds-Adult Ballet

Senior Dance


*First half begins at 6:30 and lasts approximately 78 minutes

Intermission- 10 minutes

Part Two:

Fame-Tues teens/Adults JAZZ

Maniac-Wed 6:15 Jazz

Meet Me Halfway-Mon 6:45 Ballet

Pretty in Pink-Thurs 6:30 Ballet

Holiday Road-Wed 5:30 Tap

Get Outta My Dreams-Thurs 5:45 Tap

Get Into the Groove-Wed 7:15 Jazz

Land of 1000 Dances-Tues 5:45 Jazz

Up Where We Belong-Tues 6:45 Ballet

That’s What Friends are For-Wed 6:15 Ballet

Stand By Me-Mon 5:30 Ballet

Stir it Up-Thurs 6:30 Tap

Modern Woman-Tues teen Tap

I’m Free-Wed 7:15 Jazz

Footloose-Tues 5:45 Tap

Adult Tap

Centerfield-Tues 6:45 Jazz

Movie Mix

Burning Love-Mon 6:45

It’s Dirty Work-Senior Dance Team

Movie Mix

FINALE 9 to 5-All classes except Wed. And Thurs. Babies, Wed 6:15

Curtain Call

*2nd half begins at approximately 8:00 and ends at 9:30.

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